Napoleon Museum

Napoleon Museum in Havana

The Napoleonic Museum in Cuba is the happy result of the combination of the personal collections of Julio Lobo and Orestes Ferrara. The artefacts and memorabilia on exhibition were bought at auction during the first half of the 20th century and represent the most important Napoleonic collection in Central America. The collection itself was declared a 'National Heritage' in 1960 and, with the revolutionary government's blessing, the museum was opened to the public in the following year. The exhibits are housed in Orestes Ferrara's residence, the Villa Fiorentina, a beautiful and vast Renaissance-style palazzo built in the 1920's. The objects on show (which in 1986 were valued at 8 million dollars) include arms, militaria, furniture, bronzes, porcelain, paintings, sculptures, coins, personal items belonging to Napoleon and his entourage, books, engravings and autograph letters. More than 7000 pieces go to make up this extraordinary museum.

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