Properties for Sale and Rent in Havana

Real estate and travel pundits alike are excitedly predicting that world’s next travel and second home boom will be in Havana, and there is plenty in the city and its environs that appeals to those looking for a holiday home, especially in a haven so close to the U.S mainland. Real estate companies in Havana, Cuba are going to help you manage your desired property much easier.

Cuba Property Sales

Cuba Property Sales in Havana

Wise real estate investors have been quick to notice that the growth in the property market in Havana, which has recently started to open up for international foreign investment.
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ESPACIO CUBA - Real Estate Agent

ESPACIO CUBA - Real Estate Agent in Havana

EspacioCuba is a platform for professional and private ads of homes for sale or rent in Cuba. You can say we want to be a Cuban version of Trulia or Zillow websites 🙂
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Zafiro Inmobiliaria

Zafiro Inmobiliaria in Havana

Zafiro Real Estate is not only a real estate company, it is an entity with multiple services and exclusive departments that provide the client with the full range of attention and solutions to their problems and concerns.
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